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What is the capacity of the Village Hall?  How many people can we have at our event?

•The Hall is limited to 100 persons inside the Hall. This includes staff, and entertainers, such as band members


Can we erect a marquee next to the Village Hall?

•Yes, although there will be a small gap as the ground undulates


Is there access for disabled visitors?

•The Hall is wheel-chair accessible and has disabled facilities.


Can people stay overnight in the Hall?

•No, overnight accommodation in the Hall is not permitted


Is there car-parking? If so, for how many cars?

•There is car-parking for 20 cars by the Hall. There is overflow parking for a further 30-45 cars 2 minutes’ walk from the Hall. Please let us know if you will require this


We’d like to serve alcohol at our event, do we need a licence?

•Yes.  Should your event involve the selling of alcohol you will require to submit a TENS notice to Cotswold District Council and the Gloucestershire Police at least 10 days before the event to secure a temporary licence. There is a fee of £21 involved in this payable to the Council.


What kitchen facilities are available?

•Please note kitchen facilities are limited


What do we do about leftover rubbish?

•Please leave no food in the kitchen and take all rubbish with you, when you leave


What do we do about cleaning of the hall after an event?

•Your fee includes a £20 charge for cleaning but you have to arrange it with our preferred cleaner. Details will be provided with your booking confirmation.


Is there a limit on how late our event can run?

•Please could you terminate your event by 12 midnight and encourage your guests to leave as quietly as possible


Can we decorate the Hall?

•Decoration of the Hall is allowed but you should not use any material which will damage the walls, floor or woodwork eg blue tack, nails, etc.  We do not allow the use of candles/naked flames

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